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CCOF Certified Organic

Who we are....

Farmers William & Tom have known each other for the past 10 years in their passionate pursuit of discovery in careers across the wine & food industry. Realizing the soul and deep connections to the land organic farming shares, William & Tom came together as partners to build a farm, starting with Umbel Roots Farm in Solano County, CA (2021).

The chance to return to Sonoma County and bring their farming to the community of Petaluma came together at Live Oak Farm in Fall of 2021.  We're now fortunate to be able to accelerate existing tools and infrastructure already in place by previous farmers, visonaries, and generations of farming on this land. With a respect to this site's history and an eye towards the future of regenerative farming practices, great care and pride 
are foundational in the stewardship we take on at Live Oak Farm. 

Who we serve...

We currently serve our Petaluma neighbors, Sonoma, Napa, & Solano County families, and Bay Area restaurants with our farm produce.

We also maintain a public farm stand, open daily and stocked with seasonal crops at :

2199 Live Oak Farm Lane
Petaluma, CA 94952

Weekly CSA member (Community Supported Agriculture) veggie boxes and wholesale produce sales are currently available.
Inquire for more info.

The next chapter: A continued farming story

We are not the first to inhabit and farm this land. As we actively commit our work to the betterment of this land today and for future generations of food and farmers, we must also take time to pay respects to the people and efforts of those before us.

We first must recognize the native community of the Coastal Miwok peoples and their first marks on this land which was called Peta Lumaa.

As you enter Live Oak Farm you are greeted by our namesake, a century old standing testament to the rich history of our property. This land was formerly known as the Bundesen Ranch. It was lovingly cared for by four generations of Bundesens. The Bundesens were chicken farmers who helped build the agricultural legacy of Petaluma, once called the “Egg Basket of the World.

Farmers William & Tom are actively writing the next chapter of this land in stride with the farm's dedicated team and the support of the community and our partners. 

We've only just planted the seed... 

Much like our farm, this website too will grow with a bit of watering and weeding! We'd love to welcome you in our storytelling and keep you in the loop with our growing farm and events.


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